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Saving Faith

Updated: Jun 5


Age Range: 15 and up

Reading Love: High School

Life in Gabriel's small town is finally returning to normal with school starting and Tanner Rose gone. Gabriel has time to devote his life to God in prayer and practice his kung fu until his best friend's sister, Faith, reaches out in need. Faith has always been a good person, following all the rules and wanting to live a holy Christain life, but reconsiders how she lives when she meets Christian, a very worldly boy at school with almost no self-control. When Faith is with him, she only sees the good and listens to her temptations instead of seeing the wrong and listening to her conscience. After a few incidents that leave Faith confused and sacred, she goes to the only person she thinks can help, Gabriel.

Thank you so much T. M. Gaouette for sending me a complimentary copy of Saving Faith! I was happy to read and receive this book. My review of this book is entirely my own. So throughout most of the book, I was frustrated with Faith and was yelling at her in my head, saying, "don't do that, you know better"! I might have been even more irritated with Faith than with Tanner Rose, the main character in Freeing Tanner Rose. Faith was a cradle Catholic and had a fantastic community of people to support and encourage her to live a holy Christian lifestyle where Tanner lived with the celebrities of Hollywood as a child star. Tanner didn't have a way of knowing that all she was doing was wrong, but Faith did know, but I am glad the story happens the way it did. Saving Faith shows the difficulties of following the path of Jesus and that everyone has their crosses, and how it is so easy to be led astray, even for the most devout.

The new character in the book was a Christian, a worldly popular boy who had no self-control. He was the biggest reason that Faith was led astray, and even though you could see all of the hurt and harm that he was doing, you could also see how much he was hurting himself. When Faith and Christian thought they could bear no more, they knowingly and unknowingly went to Gabe for help, and through him, they reached God. I felt like Christian was starting to turn to God and was on the right path, but with Faith, I felt like she was at a standstill in her life with the Lord. Like the first book, Gabriel was once again the person everybody went to for help. Even with his struggles and temptations, Gabe tried to help his friends and stayed devoted to God every step of the way. In Saving Faith, Tanner Rose was gone for pretty much the whole book. After the end of the last book, I wish that we saw a lot more of her, but I am hopeful for the next book in the series, and I am sad that the story ended so soon and wished it was longer, but there is always the next book in the series. In the previous book, I wanted to see more of Gabriel's thoughts and feelings, and luckily they were in Saving Faith. The whole story was fantastic, realistic, and enjoyable, so much so that I have read this book twice and plan on reading it again and again!

Things to mention: There are two "dumbs," a boy hits another boy at school, there is some fighting with both words and fists. Gabriel was asked if he was still a virgin, and he said yes. A boy talked wrong about girls and said that they should get them drunk but that never happened. There is some underage drinking and smoking. A boy tries to get a girl to do bad things, but she refuses. There is some jealousy and deceit.

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