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Treasures: Visible & Invisible

Updated: Aug 20, 2023


Age Range: 13 and up

Treasures: Visible & Invisible is a fantastic Catholic anthologies book for teens about St. Patrick's Day! 1st: Patrick's friend is in danger and needs saving, but maybe Patrick is the one who is genuinely in danger. 2nd: A 16-year-old monk feels as if he will never be as good as the other monks until he reads a scripture verse that changes his life. 3rd: When a nun is at death's door, a girl tries to find a unique clover that will bring her the healing she desires. 4th: When Honora thinks she has nowhere to turn and no options, a young man appears willing to help her. 5th: When William finally thinks his family will be okay, scarlet fever has him begging God for a miracle. 6th: Set in 1957 Kansas City, a young girl in a desperate situation prays to St. Patrick for a way out. 7th: Confused and alone, Hannah makes a friend with a homeless boy, but can she truly trust him? 8th: When a relic from Saint Patrick is stolen, Kyle does everything he can to save it, but he puts everyone and everything he cares about at risk.

Thank you so much Amanda Lauer for sending me a complimentary copy of Treasures: Visible & Invisible! I was happy to read and receive this book. My review of this book is entirely my own. Wow, wow, I absolutely loved Treasures: Visible & Invisible, and it is now one of my favorite books!!! A marvelous Catholic author wrote each story in the book with different genres and styles. The entire book was based around St Patrick, and a shamrock relic from him passed on from generation to generation.

All of the stories are so great that it's hard for me to pick a favorite, but if I had to, they would be Lucy and the Hidden Clover by Antony B. Kolenc, Lucky and Blessed by Amanda Lauer, and In Mouth of Friend and Stranger by T. M. Gaouette. In the first in 12th century England, a young girl who lives at the convent wishes to help a dying nun and find a mysterious clover that will bring the nun peace before she dies. This short story was well written and engaging, and I will read more books from Antony B. Kolenc. The 2nd book that I loved was about a young woman who had a hard decision to make but felt like she had no choices. Lucky and Blessed had some excellent clean romance and explained a lot about when the Catholic church in England became Anglican and how that affected all of the Catholics. In Mouth of Friend and Stranger, a girl runs away from a dad that beats her and is alone and scared when she meets a boy who wants to help her. Out of all the stories, this one engaged me the most, and now I need to know what happens to the two of them after the story ends. I hope T. M. Gaouette writes a novel about these two characters and how their lives changed when they met each other!

All eight of these stories are engaging and exciting to the point that I finished the whole book in two days and will be rereading it! The only thing that I did not love was the cover (even though this cover is the best in the series so far). People shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but they do, and that's how they miss out on incredible stories like this one. I have enjoyed the Visible and Invisible series, so I hope these authors continue making them. If you want to read a new and exciting book with all of the different genres, read Treasures: Visible & Invisible!

Things to Mention: St. Patrick is taken into slavery, and he and all the other slaves are poorly treated. Some pagans worship false gods. A man tries to force a woman to marry him. There is some smoking. Thieves try to burn a house down where children are hiding inside. A girl runs away from an abusive father, but the story starts after she already runs away, so we don't read about the father at all. A girl and a boy run away from some men who are chasing them. There is some fighting and talk of being killed in the last story.

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If you have read Treasures: Visible & Invisible, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear your thoughts! Do you have a book you want to be reviewed? Let me know, and I'll add it to my list! Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you're here.



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