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For Eden's Sake

Updated: Feb 9, 2023


Age Range: 14/15 and up

Isaac came from a good Catholic family in a small town out in the country but decided to move to the big city right after college. Having an excellent opportunity to work for an advertising agency, Isaac is as happy as he can be and thinks life can only get better, but then he makes a mistake. A huge mistake that involves drinking too much and a pretty girl. After that night, Isaac is repulsed by what he did and can never get back and has a hard time forgiving himself. When he goes back to the girl, Rebecca, he learns something that can change his life even more than he thought. Can Isaac and Rebecca forgive themselves for their mistake and protect a life, or will they try to forget and rid themselves of each other forever?

Thank you so much T. M. Gaouette for sending me a complimentary copy of For Eden's Sake! I was happy to read and receive this book. My review of this book is entirely my own. For Eden's Sake is a Catholic pro-life book about an unexpected and unwanted pregnancy. Isaac finds out that Rebecca will have his baby, but she doesn't want it and wants an abortion. Abortion is not an option for Isaac, and he spends most of the book trying to convince Rebecca not to get one. T. M. Gaouette's books always cover some complex topics, including this one, but I think she did an excellent job of writing For Eden's Sake in a way that would be appropriate for teens. Before I started to read it, I stopped myself and wondered if this book would be appropriate even for a 16-year-old, but now I would say it is.

For Eden's Sake amazed me in so many ways that I don't even know where to begin. Let me first say that I finished the book in one day because it was that good, and I could not put it down until I finished the story! Besides Isaac's one mistake, he is probably one of my favorite guy characters from books. He is so gentlemanly and will stop at nothing to save his baby, and throughout most of the book, Isaac tries to make everything right with Rebecca. Something that made me happy was that the book started after the mistake made by Issac and Rebecca, so there were no details or anything about what happened. By omitting that and a few other things from the book, T. M. Gaouette made her book perfectly fine for 14 and 15-year-olds.

I wish For Eden's Sake talked a bit more about what the Catholic Church had to say about being physically intimate with someone before marriage, but that is a minor detail. I appreciated that the reader could see Issacs and Rebecca's point of view throughout the book. By reading what they were both thinking, we can see why they did what they did and why they took stands on certain things. For Eden's Sake is a book I will reread many times over and enjoy every time!

Things to Mention: Rebecca and Issac were physically intimate with each other once, before the book started, so there are no details. One of the minor characters had an abortion.

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