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Freeing Tanner Rose

Updated: Jun 12


Age Range: 15 and up

Reading Level: High School

14-year-old Tanner Rose has everything she could ever want, a job as a famous actress, hundreds of friends, and invites to the best parties. Tanner is high on life, and nothing can bring her down until her mother decides she needs less Hollywood and more country. Gabriel lives in a small house in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and he likes it that way. He spends his day's homeschooling, praying, and practicing his Kung Fu until Tanner Rose walks into his life. Tanner is the opposite of a good Catholic girl. She wears inappropriate clothes, is rude to Gabriel's mother, and has an addiction to Hollywood and everything in it. When Tanner goes to live with Gabriel and his mom, she does just about everything in her power to escape and go back to her old harmful and addicting Hollywood ways. Will Gabriel lead Tanner to the faith, or will Tanner go back to her partying ways and bring Gabriel with her?

Rereading this series now and it is amazing!

Thank you so much T. M. Gaouette for sending me a complimentary copy of Freeing Tanner Rose! I was happy to read and receive this book. My review of this book is entirely my own. Wow, Freeing Tanner Rose surprised me! When I read the summary for this book on Goodreads, I was expecting some cheesy romance novel about a Hollywood girl and an excellent Catholic guy, but Freeing Tanner Rose was not that book.

There was so much depth and emotion in the characters and the story that made me feel for all of those child Hollywood stars. They live such a corrupt and evil lifestyle that I wish they could all get out of. As Tanner's story came to life, I realized that she didn't even know what she was doing was wrong, which made me sad. T. M. Gaouette did an excellent job of writing a story for teens that show them what a celebrity and Hollywood lifestyle can lead to.

My favorite characters would be Gabriel and his mom. In the book they talked about being strong and trying to be a better person, which I think they did, but they also showed that they are not perfect and sometimes fail. Tanner Rose was one of the main characters in the book, but honestly, I didn't start to like her until the very end, but I don't think we're supposed to like her. The only thing that I wish there were more of in the book was what Tanner and Gabriel were feeling at times. There wasn't a lot said about Tanner when she saw Gabriel's faith and how she thought about that, and I wish we could see what Gabriel was thinking more throughout the whole book. Freeing Tanner Rose has some drug and alcohol use and some heavier topics that make this book for older teens, but nothing is not appropriate enough to read. If you were looking for a great Catholic teen book, then you should read Freeing Tanner Rose!

Things to Mention: Tanner and all of her Hollywood friends have a drug and alcohol problem, and they all dress inappropriately, which is discussed in the book. One person died after a drug overdose and another when they were drinking and driving. There is some talk about being physically intimate with someone before marriage. There is smoking and one 'sexy'.

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