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Where You Lead

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

In this book, sixteen-year-old Eve Donahue believes that she has had a vision from God about a boy named Nick. She is convinced that God is calling her to meet this person; the only problem is she has no clue who he is. Eve bravely says yes to God and begins her mission to find this young man. Thousands of miles away in DC, Nick Hammond, has been dealing with his own unusual experience and believes he has to convince his father to run for political office. When these two teens finally meet, they believe that God has a mission for them. They begin a journey of Faith, trying to solve a problem with international trade agreements, lost confederate gold, and their affections toward each other becoming more. Eve and Nick only know one thing, to listen and say, “Yes, Lord, I will go where You lead.”

There are so many things that I loved about this book and one of them is the main character has the same last name as me! I know that is not important but I have never read a book with someone who also has the last name of Donahue. I also really liked that Eve kept following Gods lead no matter how crazy it seemed or that everyone was telling her that she is crazy. She believed in what God wanted for her and not what she wanted for her self. We all need to stop ask God what he wants for us just like Eve did. I hope everyone reads this amazing book.

Things to Mention: There are a few kisses with no details.

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13 juin

I don't think I've ever properly heard about this book before! Though the cool, colourful cover rings a slight bell. I'm so glad you shared a review, thanks so much! God bless <3



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