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Updated: Aug 10, 2021


Age Range: 13/14 and up

After Gabriella gets back to the 21st-century, she wants nothing more than to return to Marcello in the world of ladies and lords, so Gabi convinces Lia and her mom to go back with her. When they return, they find that months have passed since their last visit, but they are now known as the famous ‘She Wolves of Siena’ and are loved by all of Siena but hated by Florence. Gabriella longs to stay with Marcello and give him her heart but could she and her family remain in Medieval when it means constantly running for their lives and having an uncertain future? As the Betarrini women began to think that they might be able to stay in 14th-century Italy forever, they learn something new that might change their plans in unexpected and exciting ways.

Cascade is the second book in the River of Time series, but it is not my favorite. The storyline and plot are again interesting, but the writing wasn’t very creative, and at times it felt a bit like a 2000 cheesy romance movie. I usually really like the main character in the books I read, but I didn’t love Gabi in Cascade. I felt like her character was coming off a bit too strong, and she was trying to tell people what to do. I don’t feel this too much in the other books, but I did in Cascade for some reason. The character that I didn’t really like was Marcello. He sounds like the perfect 14th-century gentleman/soldier/Lord. Marcello loves Gabby so much I will do anything for her, but I didn’t feel like Gabby would do the same for him.

Since this story mainly takes place in 14th century Italy, everybody in the book is Catholic except for Gabby and her family. The first time I read this book series, there are a few things I didn’t catch on to that I did this time around. For example, Gabi very briefly thinks to herself that it doesn’t matter if you’re Catholic, protestant, or Christian because they all believe in God, so they will all get to heaven. This reasoning is wrong, so I didn’t like that, but the rest of the book is pretty good. The book was very original so I couldn't stop reading until I was finished and was surprised by some of the things that happened in the book and I hope you are too!

Things to Mention: There is a good amount of violence, including people being killed, fighting, and one of the main characters is put in a cage and is slowly dying of dehydration. Gabi briefly thinks that a guy might be gay because he is good-looking and not yet married, but he was not. Some soldiers make some rude comments about Gabi and what they would do with her. There are a few kisses with little detail. There is one ‘sexy’ and one ‘damn.’

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