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When Worlds Collide

Updated: Jun 5


Age Range: 12/13 and up

When Joan was put in charge of inexperienced teens, she never dreamed that they would do anything more than act as waiters instead of soldiers, but when their ship was ambushed and everyone killed except for them, Joan was forced to figure out a way to bring them all home. As the incredible team travels across time and space looking for the missing pieces that will get them back to their land, they discover many hardships and start to question the loyalty of their fellow team members. With Absoleth evil forces growing closer and closer to destroying everything good, Joan, Ambrose, Deadeye, Avalanche, Torchie, and Brogan must decide how far and how much they are willing to give up to save their world.

Thank you so much, Jerry J. Weis, for sending me a complimentary copy of When Worlds Collide! I was happy to read and receive this book. My review of this book is entirely my own. When Worlds Collide is the second book in the Adventures of the Bone Creek Brigade Series and hopefully not the last. I began this book thinking that this team of teens will probably visit a few worlds, get into some fights and challenging situations, but will win in the end with no actual harm coming to any of the main characters, but I was wrong. Reading When Worlds Collide left me surprised, sad, happy, and needing to know what happens next! I usually sense when reading a story what will happen next and how it will end. Still, this book had a significant unexpected ending that made me emotional and not knowing what to think, but the last four pages completely changed my view of the ending!

Once again, my favorite character is Ambrose. He has grown so much since the first time we read about him in book one. Before, he refused to help his team and was full of himself, but as the story continues and Ambrose experiences new things, his demeanor becomes more kind and patient. There is one part in particular when everyone is against him, yet he overcomes all anger and does the right thing even when his teammates don't listen to him. At the end of When Worlds Collide, Ambrose is filled with rage and loss, and I hope those emotions do not guide him to make decisions and change his life. Also, like the first book, I feel that the book cover does not represent the actual book. If I just saw this book at the library, I would probably never have pick it up, and so I believe the cover does not do the book justice. I loved the story's premise, but the writing could have been more descriptive to transport the readers to the world of time travel and adventure. A third book in this series would bring the Adventures of the Bone Creek Brigade to a satisfying close, and when/if it comes out, I will definitely be reading it! When Worlds Collide is a book, I would recommend it to my brothers and anyone who likes Science, Fantasy, or Adventure fiction.

Things to Mention: There is some violence, including a main character dying, people using and being killed by magic, people being threatened by torture, an evil woman sucking the life out of people and giving it to herself, people fighting, and other minor things. Some nasty people are trying to take over the world, and one evil woman leads a man on romantically to achieve her evil goals, but I feel this part was appropriate enough for a 13 or maybe 12-year-old.

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