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The Warrior Maiden

Updated: Jun 13


Age Range: 13 and up

The prophecy foretold her incredible journey, but is she willing to put her whole life on the line for her mother and her country? After her father dies, Mulan has two options: either get married to the town butcher or fight in her father's place against the Teutonic Knights. To Mulan, the choice is easy, and she bravely pretends to be a boy and joins the fight, but knows if anything goes wrong, she could be killed as women are not allowed to fight. As the son of a Duke, Wolfgang would do anything to save his people, even if that meant fighting against his brother. When Wolfgang meets Mulan, he is almost immediately provoked by everything she does and wants nothing more than to show the small soldier her place. But when secrets are revealed, Wolfgang and Mulan must come together and defeat the enemy they both dislike.

The Warrior Maiden is definitely one of my favorite Melanie Dickerson books! I've always loved the Disney movie Mulan, so I had very high expectations for this book, and every expectation was met. I don't know how this book could have been written any better than it was. I loved all of the characters and the setting of 15th century Lithuania. The story followed the movie Mulan, but yet differentiated from it in a perfect way! The romance in the Warrior Maiden was so good, especially since Wolfgang thought Milan was a guy for half the book. Melanie Dickerson made it fun and not weird or awkward when Wolfgang thought Mulan was a boy but started with a friendship that eventually led to romance when he found out she was a girl. The only thing I wouldn't say I liked that much was the middle to end of the book. Everything felt like it was rushed and was happening a bit too quickly, but the ending turned out great. I love this book so much, and I hope you do too!

Things To Mention: There is some violence, including killing, a fire, some fighting, and some other minor things. Mulan's father had her with a woman who was not his wife. There are some kisses with little to no detail.

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