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The Princess

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 15 and up

The Princess is a contemporary love story in the land of Pendaran. Shelby Parker lives in a humble little house and lives a good life. She does bible studies with cancer patients at hospitals and helps her father give speeches because he cannot hear, so she provides sign language. Her unique qualities are eventually noticed by the queen and king of the House of Markham. They are looking for a wife for their son Prince Nikolai after he was widowed a few years ago when his wife died. Their Kingdom has a tradition where the new king or queen has to be married by the age of 26. Nikolai is coming up to that age fast. So the king and queen have an arranged marriage between Shelby and their son. Prince Nikolai is a perfect gentleman in public. Still, he remains very distant from Shelby, and she wonders what is in his heart. Will she and Nikolai ever love each other, or will they be distant acquaintances throughout their marriage?

The Princess is one of my favorite books but I would recommend this book more towards adults. I feel like everything happened as it should and that the characters were just right. My aunt recommended this book to me, but I was hesitant to read it because the characters were older then what I was used to. I know it is terrible of me, but I really only like to read books are about people near my age. Twenty-six years old, I thought, was just too old, but I was so wrong. I didn't mind about their ages, and I felt that their story was just so cute!

There looks like a lot in my things to mention, but I thought it was pretty good and clean when I was reading the book compared to others. On my blog, I try to have only clean and good books, so there's nothing on here that I thought was bad enough not to read. The Princess might be too much for some people, but most 15-year-olds can handle it.

Things to mention: Nikolai and Shelby do have intimacy many times, but they are a married couple and there are no details. The book simply suggest what they did, but there is a lot of talk about if they should have it at all since they did not love each other. There is also talk of what the bible says about intimacy.

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