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The Possibility of Now

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12/13 and up

Mara James is that one girl in your class who knows all the answers to every problem, turns in every assignment early, and you know she will be valedictorian, but then she wasn't any of those things. In her calculus class, one moment changed everything for her when she had a complete meltdown in her elite school and started to rip up everyone's tests. And to make matters worse, someone videoed the whole thing, posted it to youtube, and then the video went viral. Completely modified and embarrassed, Mara knows she should get back up and prove to everyone that her incident didn't affect her at all, but instead, Mara goes to live with her ski bum dad in his laid back town. Mara makes a Now List of all of the things she could do now while living in Tahoe, but life there is nothing she expects. There are hard-working people, great friends, and new opportunities Mara never expected for herself. Should Mara go back to her rich elite competitive school, or should she stay with her dad and new life in Tahoe?

So I can kind of relate to Mara, not that I am super smart or go to a prestigious school, but with the stress of school and everything about school. I no longer go to school, but I am homeschooling now, and I LOVE it. I still get all of my work done and learn the same amount as if I went to school, but now I can do many more things that I enjoy. In the book, Mara realized that there is so much more to life than go to school all day and then do homework and study all night. After her big meltdown, which I think was fantastic, she goes to Tahoe expecting everyone to be a ski bum and do nothing with their lives, but she was wrong. The people are still hard-working, but they work for the right reasons. Kim Culbertson does a great job explaining all of this in The Possibility of Now but still making it a fun book with adventure and some romance. My only thing with the book is I wish she could have expressed the feelings of the other characters a bit more since we could only see inside Mara's mind and not theirs. I really liked The Possibility of Now and hope you all do too!

Things to mention: A use of "crap". Very small mention of underage drinking at a party. There are a few kisses with little to no details.

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