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Not If I Save You First

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

Bestselling author Ally Carter writes an adventurous stand-alone novel, Not If I Save You First, about the president's son and the bodyguard's daughter. Ever since Logan's father became president, Maddie and Logan were inseparable until Logan's mother was almost kidnapped. From that moment on, both of their lives were changed forever. Maddie was shipped off to the middle of nowhere Alaska with her father for her safety, and Logan lost his best and only friend. Maddie wrote almost every day for two years, but Logan never wrote back. Years later, Maddie is used to her solitude in Alaska, but her silence is broken by Logan showing up. Logan was sneaking off and not listening to secret services, so the president sent him to live with Maddie and her father. Maddie has nothing to say to Logan after his long silence, but when another kidnapping is undergone, she has no choice but to bring Logan back into her life.

Not If I Save You First was a fantastic story, maybe one of my favorite stand-alone novels. It was exciting, and I didn't want to put it down until I finished. I thought all of the characters' personalities were just right, but I was a little mad at Logan for most of the story. I couldn't understand why Logan didn't write to Maddie, and the explanation that he gave didn't make sense to me. The book was also very original, making me happy because I get tired of reading the same storyline in every book. I loved this book, and I hope you do too!

Things to mention: There are some kidnappings, people being shot at, and some other minor violences. A few brief kisses and one where through a kiss Maddie gives Logan a key to his handcuffs.

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