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Murder on the Orient Express

Updated: Jun 12


Age Range: 13 and up

The high-end Orient Express has never been filled with so many people during the cold winter, with not one seat left empty. Famous detective Hercule Poirot makes it in time for the last-second class seat and is ready to enjoy a few days without solving mysteries. But just after midnight, a wealthy American man is murdered in his sleep, stabbed twelve times with his door locked from the inside. After the snow stops the train from moving, Poirot agrees to interview all passengers and find the murderer among them. Hercule Poirot must find the killer with clues that don't make sense and time running out before they decide to strike again.

WOW, no wonder books by Agatha Christie are some of the top published books of all time! Her ability to tell stories and weave them in such a way that each page is a surprise is absolutely terrific! I had read a few mystery books before. I thought those were pretty good, but Murder on the Orient Express surpassed all of those combined. Our main character is detective Hercule Poirot, a man with an excellent mind and an eye for every little detail. The mystery was so great that I would have never been able to figure out who killed the rich American man, Mr. Ratchet, in a million years. Agatha Christie's writing style is impressive, making a dangerous mystery book entertaining and amusing.

Though this book is on the shorter side, with only 200 pages, you don't feel like anything is rushed or should have been explained more. I was worried it would be too bloody or gory when I started Murder on the Orient Express, but I was happy to find out that it was not, though I was sad at times for a certain little girl, but I don't want to give any spoilers. This book is recommended for both teens and adults as it is an incredible story that all readers would enjoy. I am amazed by how much I loved this book, and I now need to read all of her other books in the Hercule Poirot series!

Things to mention: A man was found murdered, stabbed a dozen times in his bed. They talked about a man who murdered a little girl three years before the book; the girl's mom died of depression, and the father killed himself afterward. There is some smoking and drinking.

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