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Lily in the Stone

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Lily in the Stone is the emotional sequel to J.P. Sterlings Ruby in the Water. The story begins right where it ended in the last book, with Peter trying to deal with his life's newly found secret. He was aborted, saved, and adopted by his parents, but now he needs to convince his birth mother to give him a kidney to save his life. But then Peter finds out that he actually needs his birth father's kidney, who turns out to be a famous and evil musician who lives in France. And to top it all off, Peter's best and only friend gets engaged, and Peter doesn't think he wants to be just friends with her anymore. Peter is finding it difficult to choose his next steps and who to turn to when some people tell him to give up, and some are saying to keep going.

I just have to say, WOW, Lily in the Stone is an emotional book that will tug at your heartstrings. The first book in this two-book series was a little slow, but Lily in the Stone was not. I finished this book in one day and could not put it down. The characters were all pretty good, but I have a few things to say about Gwen, who was Peter's best friend, Gwen's boyfriend, and Peter's dad. First, I thought Gwen seemed like a flat character and didn't have any real emotion. She seemed just to be going on with the book without any of her own opinions or ideas. Second, Peter doesn't like Gwen's fiancé and that he is supposed to be a bad guy, but I didn't have any feelings towards him at all. I didn't like him, but I also didn't hate him; but I think we were supposed to hate him, but he just came off to me as a regular guy. And lastly, I had the same issue with Peter's dad as I did with Gwen's fiancé. Exa makes him seem evil in the beginning book, but I just didn't see it until the end of the book. Besides my issue with some of the characters, I loved Lily in the Stone! There were so much emotion and a bit of drama that really grips a person. I hope you all like Lily in the Stone as much as I did!

Things to mention: Exa describes how her husband abused her and how he forced her to have an abortion. A side character dies in an accident.

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Water and Stone Duet Series:


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