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Emily of New Moon

Updated: Feb 7, 2022


Age Range: 11 and up

Emily Byrd Starr had everything that any 10-year-old girl could want, a loving father, the great outdoors, and an imagination that could take her anywhere. When she thought nothing could get better, her beloved father died, leaving Emily very lonely and an orphan. Then her mother's rude relatives come to take care of her and bring her to New Moon Farm. There she is forced to go to school with spiteful classmates and friendless until she meets Teddy, a fantastic drawer, Perry, a boy who has been everywhere but school, and Ilsa, an unusual tomboy with a temper. As Emily begins to warm up to her new town and friends, she feels that she may even start to like New Moon and her relatives she lives with.m

So Emily of New Moon was the first book I read by L.M. Montgomery, and I had high hopes for it, but sadly I was a bit disappointed. The writing was excellent and the plotline creative, but it was altogether a bit too sad and dark for my tastes. I know life isn't always amazing, but I do like to read about characters who, in the end, have a good life and a happy ending. Though I didn't love it as much as I hoped I would, it completely captivated me, so I could not stop until I finished the story. I also love how Emily had a great love of writing and was not scared to admit it.

I also liked how the friends she picked were not ordinary or usual. They were like her, and as they grew, they helped each other learn and live. Emily was ten at the beginning of the novel, but she was fourteen by the end of the first book with high hopes of a remarkable life. If you are looking for a light read, I do not recommend this book as it was full of deeper meanings to everything and made you think. Emily of New Moon was an exciting story, and I can't wait to see what happens next in the next book!

Things to Mention: Emily's uncle as a little boy falls into a well, and her father dies of illness. Emily is made fun of at school and is called mean names and when Ilsa has a temper she is mean. Emily's aunt tries to drown a cat. A woman is thought to have run away from her husband and child and died soon after that. Emily slaps a boy. There is some smoking.

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Jan 13, 2022

This doesn't exactly have to do with Emily of the New Moon - it's an excellent book, though! Just wanted to let you know that I shared this site with 2 of my best friends and told them all about it, and I emailed them the link! I think you'll soon get some new viewers! I love this site so much Grace! Keep reviewing!!



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