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Eight Cousins

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 10 and up

The well-known acclaimed author Louisa May Alcott wrote a beautiful story about an orphaned girl and her cousins. After her father's death, thirteen-year-old Rose Campbell goes to live at "The Aunt Hill" with her six aunts and her seven crazy boy cousins. Going from one dad to having more family than she can count, family shy Rose is overwhelmed. Grief-stricken over her father's death and terrified of her new family, Rose falls ill and pale. Losing hope for their niece, the aunts call up the one person who might be able to help, Dr. Alek, Rose's uncle, and Godfather. With the help of Uncle Alek, Rose gets out of her comfort zone and begins to act even better than before her father died. The longer Rose stays at "The Aunt Hill," the more she learns about being a girl, not a lady, how adventurous and strange boys can be, and how to open up and love others.

Eight Cousins is a perfect wholesome book to read at any time or age in your life. The plotline and characters are fun, and everything fits nicely together. Rose is a lot like the girls today. She is shy, a little bit vain, and doesn't know what to do with her life. Then her father dies, and everything changes. Rose's life goes from good to awful to excellent in a short time. Eight Cousins is filled with stories and adventures that will make any person feel good. Even if you are not into Classics, I suggest that you give this book a try and by the end of it, see if you still don't like Classics.

Things to mention: Nothing.

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