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Arms of Love

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 16 and up

Joanie Collins, fresh out of college, starts a new career as a journalist while staying strong in her Catholic faith. She is on the course she has set for herself, but then Joanie's path leads her to Brandon Vaughn. Brandon is Joanie's coworker as a commercial producer, and Joanie almost immediately finds herself attracted to him, but Brandon is anything but Catholic. Brandon does not respect women and lives a worldly lifestyle and tries to take Joanie with him, but he doesn't expect to be drawn to her Catholic lifestyle instead. With attraction growing between the two, Joanie and Brandon struggle to keep to the rules of courtship and live the life God wants them to live.

Arms of Love was an excellent adult book that explained courtship and theology of the body. Both of the characters were so inspiring to me, and their faith in God was incredible. Carmen Marcoux indeed showed what courtship and relationship between two people should look like. The author wanted to teach people about courtship, so she focused on that time in the character's life, but I think she should have led up to it a bit more. At the beginning of Arms of Love, Joanie and Brandon met and pretty much immediately started courting. It didn't seem like the characters knew or liked each other but were pushed together for the story's sake. I am not yet into the courting stage, but I thought Arms of Love did a great job explaining it, so I would recommend this book to anyone who is about to enter that stage in their life.

Things to mention: Brandon lived a very worldly lifestyle and was a womanizer, but he stopped his evil actions almost as soon as the book started. There is one scene where Brandon almost gets physically intimate with a woman, but he stops it before anything could happen, and there are no details; everything is just implied. Joanie and Brandon talk about his old lifestyle while they are courting. A few "hells."

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