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An Ivy Hill Christmas

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13/14 and up

An Ivy Hill Christmas is an excellent book with beautiful Christmas traditions. Richard Brockwell lives a carefree bachelor life in the heart of London, trying to forget his past. He has no desire to go back to Ivy Hill and see his family for Christmas, but when Richards's mother writes and threatens to stop paying for his life in London, Richard has no choice but to go back home. Richard wants to see his family for Christmas, get his money so he can go back to London, and never come back. He has no desire to stray from his plan until certain circumstances happen. On his way to Ivy Hill, he meets an orphan boy to become an apprentice. Richard reunites with annoying Arabella Awdry, who isn't so irritating anymore, and then Richard sees his first love and all the mistakes of his life come back to him. Will Richard open his heart, change his ways, and forgive people from his past or will this be his last Ivy Hill Christmas.

I would first like to say that An Ivy Hill Christmas is aimed towards adults, but I enjoyed it anyway. I did not think that this was a very original story and still entertaining. It was interesting to see all of the old Christmas traditions, and I think I will try some of them. Overall the story was pretty good, but I thought the end was wanting. The story just came to an end, so I wish there were more details on how everything ended. Overall An Ivy Hill Christmas was a great book to get you into the spirit of Christmas!

Things to mention: The book suggests that Richard had affairs with women when he was younger and we find out the Richards father was cheating on his mother.

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