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A Time to Speak

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Parvin Blackwater thought she would die after she came back to the East side of the wall, but that didn’t happen. Instead, she came back home to her brother’s wife’s anger, her mother’s grief, and her father’s absence. Parvin thought her work for God was done until she felt called to lead, but no one seemed to want to follow except for Solomon. Solomon was Judes older brother, and Parvin can’t seem to stop her feelings for him. When The Council forces everyone to get Judes new and improved clocks, Parvin tries to take action to stop them, but no one wants Parvin’s help. Those that can’t afford a new clock are sent into boxcars and onto a cargo ship, and Parvin and Solomon go with them. Parvin tries to help her fellow Radicals and tries to trust that God will help her when it is her time to speak.

A Time to Speak was so good; I think it might be one of my favorite dystopian books! I loved Parvin, Jude, and Solomon even more than I did in the last book, and I felt every emotion they felt. So even though I can’t entirely agree with everything that Nadine Brandes believes in (go to my post of A Time To Die to learn more), I think her writing is fantastic. The story was so captivating that I think I finished this book in two days, even though it is long. I was happy to learn more about Jude in A Time to Speak because he was so mysterious in the last book, and I never really knew his emotions, but I still wish that we found out more about him. The ending was surprising and left me needing to read the next book in this series. My only big issue with A Time to Speak was that Parvin was meeting other Christians, but they did not dress very appropriately. I don’t know why Nadine Brandes made the other Christians in this book not dress very appropriately, and I don’t like it. But that is just a tiny issue that I had with this book, and the book as a whole was excellent!

Things To Mention: Violence including a character being choked and almost died, people are shot, a mob commits violence, people die, and some other minor things. There is a kiss with no details.

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