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A Time to Die

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Seventeen-year-old Parvin Blackwater has a clock, and because of that, she knows when she is going to die, and it’s in three hundred and sixty-five days. In fact, everyone who lives on the East side of the wall knows the exact year, day, minute, and second, they will die. Parvin knows she has one more year to live and feels like she has wasted her first seventeen years to live, so Parvin decides to do something memorable and sets out to write an autobiography. Parvin is ready to die, but when the enforcers find out that she has been illegally sharing her clack with her twin brother, she is sent over the wall as a Radical. On the West side of the wall, Parvin endorses hardships and adventures, but when she is ready to give up, her faith in God grows, and Parvin relies on His plan for her. With the help of her new friends, Jude and Willow, Parvin tries to do God’s will and live out her last year as best as she can.

LOVE LOVE LOVE A Time To Die!!! This novel is a fantastic Christian dystopian that I could not put down; I was so engrossed! Most dystopian books are similar, but I think Nadine Brands did a great job of having her book different from the rest, and this is the only dystopian that I heard was Christian. I loved the storyline, but at first, I didn’t understand what the big deal was with the clocks and why it was terrible not to have one. The longer I read, I realized that if everyone had a clock, then the government could control the people even more. It is kind of the same with money. If you don’t have enough money, you can’t get help at a hospital, and if you don’t have a lot of time on your clock, you can not get help at a hospital. I liked the characters in the book, except for Parvin’s family. They all seemed like they didn’t care about her and were mainly mean and rude.

My only real issue with the book is some of the stuff that Parvin believes. I am Catholic, not just Christain, and Christians and Catholics don’t entirely believe the same things. The first few things aren’t that big, and maybe it was just written like this because it was dystopian, but Parvin didn’t go to mass and Sunday and didn’t even mention it, and she changed the Our Father and did not say any of the other prayers. My really big issue was that God talked to her. Parvin asked and sometimes demanded God to answer her questions, and He would speak to her. God does not just answer people whenever they pray to Him, and if He were to talk to someone, it would probably be a once and a lifetime thing and one of the biggest honors. The characters also seem to think that they are guaranteed Heaven because they believe in God, which is not correct. A person has to work for their whole lives to be closer and growing in faith with God. So that is my issue with the book, but besides that, I loved A Time To Die. They did talk about God and growing in faith with Him, which I thought was awesome! It was well written and very entertaining! I hope you all have a chance to read this excellent book!!

Things To Mention: There is violence, including people being killed, someone’s hand and arm being chopped off, some fights, and other minor things.

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Apr 24, 2022

Hey, Grace! I just discovered your blog--it's awesome! I'm a Catholic mom, mother to some Catholic daughters, who will definitely benefit from your recommendations and reviews. :). My husband and I co-wrote a Christian dystopian novel entitled In the Shadows of Freedom. A number of Catholic high school girls we know have read and enjoyed it! It's about a young woman's journey to faith in God and explores the themes of freedom (what is true freedom and how do we find it?), motherhood (especially with a Marian dimension), forgiveness, and faith. You can read a little more about it on our website: If you're interested in reading and reviewing it for your blog, I'd be happy to s…



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