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A Song for the Stars

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12/13 and up

On the Hawaiian Islands in 1779, Maile, the second daughter of the royal chief, had a perfect life laid out and waiting for her. Maile was allowed to marry for love, so she was ready to marry her best friend in a month, and he was teaching her how to navigate the waters when the white men from England came bearing dangerous weapons. After a misunderstanding between the very different cultures, a fight breaks out, killing Maile's fiancé. Desperately confused and hurt in the middle of the battle, Maile saves John Harbottle, the man who killed her fiancé, and nurses him back to health. John was the captain's translator for three of his voyages and is kind and interested in Hawaii and its traditions. Maile wants nothing more than to have John and his men leave her island, but when certain circumstances happen, Maile is forced to teach John how to navigate by the stars and water so the English can sail back home. Can Maile and John work together with their guilty conscience, Maile hiding a secret that could start another fight and John killing her fiancé?

A Song for the Stars was surprisingly the first book I have read about Hawaii, and I have not learned a lot about their culture and traditions because, for some reason, in all of my history classes, I have never learned about Hawaii. The story itself was excellent, especially because it is based on a true story. I loved the characters in this book, and it felt like the Disney movie Pocahontas. Maile was the daughter of the royal chief and had a deep connection with the ocean. I loved how nicely the story flowed together and was surprised at how good the writing was. I also loved how we could see Maile and John's perspective, Malie being the main character and John through his journal entries. The story between Maile and John was so sweet made sweeter by being a true story, and I think everyone needs to read this book if they have any interest in romance, history, or true stories!!

Things to mention: There is violence, including: people being killed, fighting, and some other minor things. Malie and her people belive in multiple gods. There is a kiss with pretty much no detail.

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