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18 Hours To Us

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 14 and up

18 Hours to Us is a Christian book about a girl Natalie Rhodes who struggles with her past and a boy Colton Daynes who has his whole future ahead of him but doesn't know what to do. Natalie left her house early one morning to go on a senior class trip, but she got in a car accident with Colton, the football rockstar, and missed their bus. Natalie's car got wrecked, so Colton and Natalie drive together from Michigan to Virginia Beach to catch up with their classmates. This would be fine if only Natalie didn't lie to her dad about traveling across the country with a boy and if Natalie didn't have a crush on said boy since first grade. The two characters have to deal with texts from Colton's girlfriend and the Mean Girl Lexi who tortures Natalie, discovering hidden talents, and revealing secrets and fears. They might realize that they have more in common than they know.

I read a lot, and I am always trying to good Christian and Catholic books, but it is hard to find the right ones. There are many historical fiction Christian books, but not a lot of contemporary, so when I saw the novel 18 Hours To Us, I was thrilled. They don't really introduce God until about halfway through, but I still thought that this was an excellent book. My only issue with this book is Colton's feelings for Natalie. He has a girlfriend, but he is trying to get together with Natalie, and when they both want to be together, Colton won't break up with his girlfriend. Everything works out in the end but I wish Colton would just man up and break up with his girlfriend. Besides that, this is a really good book that I hope you all love!

Things to mention: Coltons brother commits suicide and Colton and Natalie have to share a sleeping bag but nothing happens but a few kisses with not a lot of details. Natalie is bullied in real life and online.

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