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Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 14 and up

The Lunar Chronicles continues with the new action-filled book, Winter, based on the story of Snow White. Cinder and her allies continue to move forward with their plans to dethrone Queen Levana, but many troubles arise along the way. Winter, the stepdaughter of Queen Levana, is known throughout the universe for her beauty, kindness, grace, and craziness. Winter is disgusted with everything that her stepmother the Queen does and rebels from everything Luna stands for. To rebel in her way, Winter refuses to use her gift, which takes a severe toll on her mental health. Winter would stay content with her life as long as Queen Levana didn't harm her love, Jacin, the Royal guard. But when his life is threatened, Princess Winter must decide if she will join Cinder, her cousin, and her allies to dethrone the Queen, or will she sit back and do nothing?

I loved the ending of your Lunar Chronicles, but at the same time, it was a little sad because I didn't want it to end. Winter was well written, and I think Marissa Meyer did an excellent job with all of the characters. The new addition, Princess Winter, added a lot to this series because she was so sweet, beautiful, and a little bit crazy, but her devotion to people was inspiring. I understood why she liked Jacin because they were childhood friends, but I wish Jason was more agreeable to people and cared about what people besides Winter. All in all, I loved the Lunar Chronicles. As you guys can see, I made Winter age range 14 and up because there was a lot of violence. There looks like a lot in my things to mention, but I thought it was pretty clean when I read the book compared to others. I try to have only pure and good books on my blog, so there's nothing on here that I thought was bad enough not to read. Winter might be too much for some people, but most 14-year-olds can handle it.

Things to mention: The moon and Earth are at war, and many people die. The lunars had made genetically modified wolf humans that eat their enemies. Many Lunars use their gift to make other people kill themselves or kill other people in battle. Under the control of Luna's many friends and families turn on each other. Wounds are severe and almost kill the main characters. Many people are taken prisoner, killed, and tortured, including some main characters. Lunars use biowarfare to kill many Earthens. Queen Levana is heartless, and she will kill whoever stands in her way of power, and she kills many people in her throne room. A main character almost drowns. There are a few uses of "hell" and "damn." Main characters have their big, passionate reunion-kisses, but there is nothing besides that. The book briefly mentioned "companionship rooms" in the palace.

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