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What Light

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

What Light is an entertaining Christmas story about a girl with a Christmas tree farm and a boy with a haunted past. Sierra goes down to California from her home in Oregon every year to sell Christmas trees with her family. It's a tradition that every year, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, she lives in sunny California, but this year might be her last. Sierra knows that this year is most likely her last year, but Sierra still can't help herself from wanting it never to end when Sierra meets Caleb. Sierra knows she can never be with him because she can't start something to end it in a month, yet she wants to know Caleb. When Sierra decides that she doesn't care if she's leaving in a month and Sierra likes Caleb, she hears the rumors. Caleb did something three years ago, and it still follows him to do this. Can Sierra look past the rumors and just talk to Caleb about what he did, or will she leave, never knowing Caleb at all?

I want to say that even though this is a Christmas book, it didn't talk about Jesus's birth at all. What Light is not a Catholic book, so I didn't expect them to, but the reason for the season is Jesus and not romance. Besides that, I thought this was a charming story. Caleb was a nice guy, and I thought it was good of Sierra to have high standards for guys. I was glad when Sierra gave Caleb a chance to explain what happened in his past and didn't judge him for it. When I read this book, it put me into the spirit of Christmas cookies and trees. This is a great book to read over Christmas break or any time of year. I hope you enjoy What Light as much as I did!

Things to mention: When Caleb was younger his parents got a divorce and everyone was missable. His sister blamed Caleb for everything that happened and one day he snapped and stabbed her door while she was inside. Nothing else happened. There are a few kisses.

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