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Age Range: 13/14 and up

Gabriella Betarrini and her sister Evangelia have to go to Italy every summer, but it's not fun sightseeing and trying new things; the two sisters are stuck every summer with their parents, who are archaeologists, and dig up old tombs. Gabi and Lia are bored out of their minds, they sneak into one of the tombs and are somehow transported to 14th century Italy, but when they get there, they find themselves separated. Gabriella arrives at this new time by herself and finds herself immediately saved by young, handsome Lords and Sirs. As Gabi pretends to be Lady Gabriella Betarrini from Normandy, she searches for Lia everywhere and wishes for nothing more than to return home. But the longer Gabriella stays in medieval Italy and the more she gets to know Lord Marcello, the more and more she wishes she could stay and didn't have to go back to the 21st century. When it looks like Gabi will never find her sister, she finds out she was taken by the enemy, and Gabi realizes that she and her sister are in more danger than they ever thought before, and maybe they should go back to their own time to save their lives.

Waterfall was Recommended to me by my awesome cousin, and I'm so glad that she did. The storyline is new and exciting, and I was so thrilled to read the book. Once I started Waterfall, I could not put it down, and I had to keep reading until the end and find out what would happen. There was so much adventure and excitement, and the characters were put together so nicely that I felt like I knew them. When Marcello and Luca were introduced, I was like, why can't more guys like them, they were perfect gentlemen, but we're also not afraid to go out and fight for what's right.

I am confused why the book is called Waterfall because there is no reference to it, and it doesn't seem to make sense with what's going on in the book. I also thought that the author watched too many cheesy 2000s romance-type movies because of some of the things that the characters were feeling. They called all the guys dudes and all the girl's chicks, and I was like, why does Gabi think that? Regular teenagers don't think like that. Besides that, I feel like the writing could have been developed a bit more, the story was so interesting, but it could have been a lot better if the writing itself was a bit more advanced. I hope you all enjoy this fun time travel book as much as I did.

Thing To Mention: There is a lot of fighting, and men are killed. Marcello also briefly mentioned a friend who had to watch his wife and children burn alive before he died himself. Two men are tortured by having arrows shot into their legs. There are some other minor acts of violence. Some of the gross men think Gabi offers herself up to men when she shows her ankles while riding a horse. Once in battle, Gabi is captured, and a man from the enemy's side starts to take off his clothes as if to do something terrible to Gabi, but before anything could happen, Gabriella is saved. There are some kisses with little to no detail. People of all age drink wine in medieval time.

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