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They Loved to Laugh

Updated: Dec 7, 2021


Age Range: 12 and up

After the death of her parents, shy sixteen-year-old Martitia Howland goes to live with her Quaker doctor and his family. The problem is that there are five brothers and a disapproving sister, and their favorite hobby is to laugh, specifically at Martita. Living on a farm is hard for Martitia since she has never had to do chores before, and she is teased constantly. All of her skills are useless on a farm and Martitia thinks that she might never fit in. As time goes on and she learns the skills required of her, Martitia begins to love her life there and even discovers to laugh until she receives a letter that could change her newfound life. They Loved to Laugh is a great classic that everyone can enjoy!

They Loved to Laugh was a fantastic novel that reminded me of books written by Louisa May Alcott. Orphaned Martitia Howland goes to live with a Quaker family, and there she is tested constantly by their five boys. Saddened by her parent's death, Martitia has difficulty fitting in and wishes to live with her uncle and aunt. They Loved to Laugh was a sweet book with a good message. Once I began reading, I couldn't stop, and I ended up finishing the book in one day! I love books written one hundred years or more ago; they seem to have an actual good message, unlike the books written today. Most contemporary novels are so similar that they all blend into one book. I would definitely recommend They Loved to Laugh to anyone looking for an excellent, well-written, and sweet story!

Things to Mention: A random wolf attacks some of the peoples livestock. A few people die from fever. One of the characters think d***it in his head. There is one kiss with no details.

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