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The Silent Songbird

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

Evangeline, the King's cousin and ward, has had a life of fine foods and magnificent clothing, but she has lived a very sheltered life. She is not allowed to leave the castle because the King is afraid that somebody might steal or marry Evangeline, so she hasn't seen a lot of the world, and most people don't know that the King even has a cousin. When the King comes and tells Evangeline that she has to marry an old, ugly man who everybody thinks killed his first wife, Evangeline has had enough. Pretending to be mute so she can hide her beautiful singing voice, Evangeline runs away with a group of men to Glynva. At Glynva, Evangeline gets to know Westley le Wyse, the oldest son of the Lord of the town, and she almost immediately falls in love. As the two get to know each other more, she thinks there might be a chance that he will marry her and save her from the King. But what will happen when the King comes looking for Evangeline, and Westley finds out Evangeline has been lying?

So The Silent Songbird is technically the seventh book in the Hagenheim series, but I personally think that it should be the fifth. Once you read this series, you will understand why I think it should be book five and not seven, but I don't want to spoil too much and say exactly why it should be number five. I will say that two of the characters in The Silent Songbird will reappear in the next book but older. I think Evangeline is sweet in this book, but she chose the guy she wanted way too soon and assumed that everything was her fault. I also thought that Westley took everything personally and got mad without telling his real feelings on anything. Obviously, everything ended how it was supposed to, but I feel that a lot happened way too quickly at the end. Besides all of that, I really did like this book. I never liked the Little Mermaid, but this book made me like it a little more.

Things to mention: There is some violence including: a man beating his wife, and some people fighting. There are a few kisses with little to no details.

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