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The Silence Between Us

Updated: Jun 5


Age Range: 13 and up

Reading Level: High School

Deaf teen Maya moves across the country and must attend a hearing school for the first time. As if that wasn’t hard enough, she also has to adjust to the hearing culture, which she finds frustrating—and also surprising when some classmates, including Beau Watson, take time to learn ASL. As Maya looks past graduation and focuses on her future dreams, nothing, not even an unexpected romance, will derail her pursuits. But when people in her life—deaf and hearing alike—ask her to question parts of her deaf identity, Maya stands proudly, never giving in to the idea that her deafness is a disadvantage.

I was hesitant to read The Silence Between Us because it is more of a mainstream book, which is usually never clean, but surprisingly this one was. There’s almost nothing to mention which made me happy. Besides being clean, the story and writing style was fun, enjoyable, and made me more aware of the deaf community. Reading about how Maya communicated using ASL was fascinating and made me want to learn it too.

As for the characters, I thought Maya was sometimes annoying and too judgy of people, although I understand why she was like that. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be not to be able to hear, and I think overall, she handles everything pretty well, but still, I didn’t love her character. I enjoyed the other characters and thought they perfectly fit this story. (And I loved a certain romance)!

Overall, I liked The Silence Between Us and thought it was a good book, but it was not one of my favorites.

Things to Mention: A few kisses with little to no details.

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