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The Princess Spy

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

The Hagenheim Book Series continues with The Princess Spy, a frog prince retelling. Margaretha, the Duke's oldest daughter, has had more suitors than she could count, but none of them were quite right. She hopes that her current suitor, Lord Claybrook, is the one that respects, loves, and wants her for her and not because she is the Duke's daughter. Things are looking better than with her other suitors, but then a crazy man comes from England and warns her that Lord Claybrook is evil. Margaretha doesn't know if she can trust "Lord Colin," but Margaretha can't ignore the Englishman anymore when certain circumstances accrue. Colin wants nothing more than to bring Claybrook to justice, but Colin's plans to capture him change when he finds out that Claybrook is trying to woo Lady Margaretha. With God's help, Lady Margaretha and Lord Colin come together to find out what Lord Claybrook's plan is And what his real intentions are towards Margaretha.

I thought that this story was cute but a little cheesy. I pretty much knew what was going to happen, and there were not many surprises in this book. I have never read the book The Frog Prince, so I do not know how similar The Princess Spy is to that book, but I did think the storyline was pretty good. Throughout the book, there were a lot of times that I could relate to Margaretha. Everyone thinks she always talks too much, and sometimes people think that about me also. Like I said in my book review of The Silent Songbird, The Princess Spy is technically the fifth book in The Hagenheim Series, but I thought it made more sense to read it sixth. Even though this book was more cheesy than some of the other books by Melanie Dickerson, I still really liked it, and I hope you guys like it too!

Things to mention: There is some violence including: a man killing a women because she was pregnant and he didn't want to marry her, and some people fighting. There are a few kisses with little to no details.

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