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The Piper's Pursuit

Updated: Jun 13


Age Range: 13 and up

In the year 1424 in Hamlin, Katerina finds herself with threats to her village everywhere she looks. Disgusting rats take up every street corner, the poor children are going missing, and a beast is killing people one by one. Katerina's evil stepfather, who is in charge of the whole village, does nothing to save their people but offers her hand in marriage to whoever kills the beast. This is the last straw, and Katerina decides to take matters into her own hands and kill the creature but realizes that she needs help. A year after his fight with his brother, Steffan, the duke's son, roams from town to town looking for adventure, so when he hears about Katerina's village, he goes there immediately. Steffan and Katerina find each other and become allies, though Katerina doesn't like this new arrogant man. Together Steffan and Katerina go on a journey and learn and experience things they never thought possible.

The Piper's Pursuit had a more dark theme than Melanie Dickerson's other novels but was still generally clean. I was looking forward to this book because Melanie Dickerson is a great author, and I love her stories, but I was disappointed. I felt like The Piper's Pursuit was a mix of all her other books together with no originality at all. The story was different, but all of the characters had the same personalities as other past characters. If you have not read any of the other books in the Hagenheim series, you would probably love The Piper's Pursuit, but I didn't like it since I have read all the other books.

There are some darker tones in this book, and I will say more about it in my things to mention, but I will say something about it now. When I first started The Piper's Pursuit, I was hesitant to keep going because I learned about children being stolen, and I didn't know what was happening to them. But as it turns out, it was nothing severe, and the children were only being taken because it was easier to take them than adults. I hope you all like this book better than I did!

Things to Mention: There is some violence, including: children being kidnapped (but it is not as bad as you think), some people are killed, and there is some fighting. Katerina's stepfather is an evil man and does not treat Katerina or her mother right. There are thoughts of kissing and some kissing details.

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