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The Peasant's Dream

Updated: Jun 13


Age Range: 13 and up

The Peasant's Dream is the last exciting book in the Hagenheim fairy tale series about a reverse Cinderella. Adela is the youngest daughter in her family, has been left by all her brothers and sisters who are all happily married, and lives in the castle, rarely allowed to leave. All she wants is to travel the world and paint but decides to start small and visit in secret her town dressed as a peasant. At the market Square, she meets Frederick. Frederick is a poor farmer who wants nothing more than to become a woodcarver. He finally starts to achieve his dream when the bishop asks him to carve the cathedral doors. Adela and Frederick meet daily, but Adele's identity is hidden until Frederick gets caught up in a plan to kidnap the Duke's daughter. Can Adela and Frederick be together when everything is keeping them apart?

I absolutely loved Melanie Dixon's last book in the Hagenheim series. It is one of my favorites, mainly because I have never heard of a reverse Cinderella story before. At the beginning of the book, I thought it was more like Aladdin, but I understood why it was based on Cinderella as I kept reading. Unlike some of the characters in the other Melanie Dickerson, I thought these characters were pretty original. In some parts of the book, you could tell what was going to happen, but I was shocked in other parts of the book. I hope you all love and read this book!

Things to mention: There is some violence including: a man beating his wife and son, a women having a son out of marriage and some people fighting. There are a few kisses with little to no details.

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