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The Orphan's Wish

Updated: Jun 13


Age Range: 13 and up

The Orphan’s Wish is based on the story of Aladdin in a new historical and exciting way. At the age of five, Aladdin is orphaned and alone, forced to steal to live until a priest from a distant land called Germany gives him a new life in Hagenheim. Notwithstanding Aladdin’s low status as a poor orphan, he quickly becomes best friends with Lady Kirstyn, the daughter of the Duke of Hagenheim. Aladdin seems to have it all, considering he was a poor orphan, everyone likes him, he is offered the highest job the Duke can give him, and he is best friends with Lady Kirstyn, but this is still not enough for Aladdin. He leaves Hagenheim searching for a better life, but when he goes, Lady Kirstyn becomes in mortal danger because of him. Can Aladdin risk his new life for his old friend?

The Orphan’s Wish was a great retelling of one of my favorite Disney princess movies, Aladdin, with an exciting twist. The storyline was unexpected and exciting, but my big issue with the book is Aladdin. Everyone always called him perfect, but I didn’t see it. And I could not stand the way he treated Kirstyn, except for when he was younger. Aladdin is like, I love her, but I won’t admit it, so I am running away to become rich, and I say I will come back, but I never will. And then when Aladdin thinks he can never have Kirstyn, he goes and finds himself a new girl. Then when Lady Kirstyn comes back into his life, he tries to have both Kirstyn and his other girl without them finding out about each other. He just made me mad, but the ending was great, but it didn’t happen the way I wanted it to. So this was not one of my favorite Melanie Dickerson books, but I loved everything else in The Orphan’s Wish, and the writing was excellent, so I hope you check it out!

Things To Mention: Someone is kidnapped, people are killed, fights, and kisses with little to no detail.

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