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The Golden Braid

Updated: Jun 14


Age Range: 12 and up

In this Rapunzel fairytale remaking, Rapunzel lives the life of a poor nineteen-year-old girl who wants nothing more in life than to learn how to read. She lives alone with her extremely overprotective mother, who tells Rapunzel to trust no one, especially men. Rapunzel learns all she can from anyone who will teach her, including knife throwing, painting, sowing, and more. Rapunzel is not allowed to show her hair or sing in front of anyone. When another man asks for Rapunzel's hand, her mother moves them again, but this time to the big town of Hagenheim. On the road to Hagenheim, they are saved by Sir Gerek from robbers, and then Rapunzel saves him from being killed. In return, Sir Gerek agrees to teach Rapunzel to read, but how can Rapunzel be near the arrogant man. The longer Rapunzel stays in her new city, the more secrets she finds out about herself and her mother.

The Golden Braid is another fantastic novel by Melanie Dickerson. I love fairy tale remaking books, and I love Christian books, so this book was definitely something I like. Rapunzel was always one of my favorite fairy tales, so I was so excited to read this book! Rapunzel was an amazing character who knew how to do pretty much anything, including knife throwing, which I think is so cool! I loved all of the characters except for Mother for apparent reasons. First, she is the "bad guy," and second, because I thought she was really annoying. She kept going on and on about herself and how everyone is out to get her. But I felt so many emotions while reading The Golden Braid! I was mad at Sir Gerek at some points for not showing his feelings, but then I wanted to laugh at a funny comment at others. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes romance, historical or Christain books or really to everyone!

Things To Mention: Some violence, including knife being thrown at people, an almost robbery, people being killed, fights, and some other stuff. A few kisses with little to no detail.

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