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The Fill-In Boyfriend

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Gia Montgomery is the most popular girl at school, the class president, and has an amazing college boyfriend, until one day. It is her high school prom night, and her boyfriend dumps her in the parking lot. Gia doesn't know what to do because she has been talking about how amazing her boyfriend is to her friends and the whole school ever since they started dating. Then she gets the brilliant idea of a fake boyfriend when she sees a cute guy in the parking lot waiting to pick up his sister from prom. He has to pretend to be her boyfriend for two hours, no commitment, and a few white lies. In exchange for helping her out, Gia pretends to be his girlfriend when he goes to his ex's party. But what happens when Gia starts to like this fake guy better than the real thing?

The Fill-In Boyfriend was a pretty good book. I didn't really like any of Gias friends, family, or old boyfriend. I definitely liked the guy who replaces to be Gias boyfriend a lot more then the real one. I think Gias friends and brother are mean to her and others.

Things to mention: There are some kissing details and Gia accidentally runs into a couple making out.

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