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Age Range: 16 and up

Surrender is the fantastic sequel to the novel Arms of Love, continuing right after Brandon and Joanie's wedding but focusing on Joanie's other two sisters, Maggie and Amie Collins. Maggie has always known that she would enter religious life and has never once doubted that fact. She joins a group of sisters to see if the religious life is really for her and expects everything to go along smoothly, but it doesn't. Maggie is late for everything, scares a few elderly sisters by running up and down the stairs, does not like wearing only skirts and dresses, and on top of all that, gets confused if she is meant for religious life when a man comes into her life. Amie Collins is in college and ready to get married. She has her whole life planned out, how many children she will have, how her husband would act and look like, and where they will live, and the only thing she needs to do now is to find Mr. Right. Amie is confident that she will find him soon and then it would be happily ever after, but after two failed attempts to find him, Amie wonders if she is being called to married life at all. Will God put Maggie and Amie on a different path than they ever expected, and will they follow Him?

BEST BOOK EVER!! I absolutely loved Surrender sooooo much! The setting, the characters, and the teaching on the theology of the body were so well incorporated into the book that I have to say that Surrender is now one of my favorite books. We hear about Brandon and Joanie and their new life as a married couple and the struggles and joys that go along with that. In the first book, Arms of Love, I thought all the characters were kind of flat, but Maggie and Amie were definitely not like the characters in the first book. I laughed and cried right along with them and felt like I was right there with them. I like how the theology of the body was put into the book and was glad that there were so many young solid Catholics. When Maggie and Amie started to wonder what God was calling them to do, I was too excited to see what would happen and looked at the back of the book, but I am telling you not to do what I did. DO NOT spoil the book for yourself! Everything at the end was so perfect that I wished I could have read it to the end without knowing.

My favorite character in Surrender would have to be Kyle. He was so sweet and patient and knew exactly what he wanted since he was eight years old but was willing to let God change his plans. He knew that God had something picked out for him, and that would be the best path to follow. The book Surrender is technically for adults, but I am almost 16 and loved it! Definitely read this book if you do not know what kind of life God is calling you to, if you will be married, if you are going to enter into a courtship, or if you are literally anyone else because this book was so good!!

Things to Mention: Talks about being physically intimate with someone outside of marriage, abortion, and some other stuff related to the theology of the body. There are some kisses with little to no detail. It implies two married being physically intimate with their spouse but nothing more. A few "hells."

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