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Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12/13 and up

Silence is a cheesy but cute story about a girl, the loss of her hearing, and a boy who could help. After her parent's divorce, Stella is forced to move to a different school where no one knows her except for her best friend. She remains another girl in the crowd until she is known to everyone, the day they post the cast list for the school's musical. Stella, a sophomore and new student, will be the lead of a musical instead of the senior who always gets to be the leading lady. Stella thinks this is what she always wanted, but everything changes the day of the accident, the night before the big show. No longer able to hear, Stella decides to give up on all her dreams and be sullen until the boy who saved her from the accident shows up and offers to help her. Hayden was silent for years after a tragic incident, but now he speaks again but only in long stutters. He sees Stella is giving up and decides to help show her all the things she can still do even if she is deaf until she can hear again. As the day to Stella's appointment to help her hear comes near, Hayden and Stella become closer and closer, but Hayden tries to stop it. He can't be close to anyone, or they will end up getting hurt in the end. Can Hayden and Stella make it through to the other side of their problems, or will they always be separated?

The first time I read Silence was about eight months ago, and then I really liked it. Now I still think it's a good book, but I can also see how cheesy it is. I don't know why I didn't see it before, but I could see how I have pretty much read or seen every part of Silence in some other book or movie when I read it for a second time. It felt a little bit like a Hallmark movie, and I don't really like hallmark movies because of how cheesy they are, but some people love them. I will say that the chapters when Hayden is speaking it is a lot less cheesy. Silence was an excellent storyline but a little too overused. I have read books like Silence before, but this novel is definitely the cleanest. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good cheesy and wholesome romance.

Things to mention: There is some violence including: the accident that Stella is in and Hayden taking about how he was beat when he was younger.

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