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Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Scarlett is the exciting second book in The Lunar Chronicles based on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood. Cinder just found out that she is not just a cyborg but also a lunar and not only any lunar but none other than the missing princess herself. Cinder knows that she has to escape prison to figure out how to save the world from Queen Levana, but she will become the Commonwealth's most wanted fugitive if she does so. Halfway around the world in France, Scarlet Benoit is trying to find her missing grandmother, who she suspects is in grave danger. In her search, she encounters Wolf, a street fighter who has information on her grandmother's whereabouts. Scarlett does not trust him and knows nothing about his past, but she has no other choice. In this journey to find Scarlett's grandmother, she and Wolf join forces with Cinder, and together they will try to bring down Levana before she forces Emperor Kai to marry her.

I have read many fairy tail remaking books, but I've never read a Little Red Riding Hood making before, so this was new for me, but I ended up liking it. I thought that Scarlet was very brave and wasn't afraid of speaking her mind. She kept looking for her grandmother even though everyone told her it was useless. Even when it got hard, she kept going and didn't cry. For the entire book, I didn't know what to make of Wolf. I didn't know if he was a good or bad guy, and he acted differently around different people, so I couldn't tell what his real character was like until the end of the book, where he chooses his side.

Out of all the books in the Lunar Chronicles, I liked Scarlett the best. There looks like a lot in my things to mention, but I thought it was pretty good and clean when I was reading the book compared to others. On my blog, I try to have only clean and good books, so there's nothing on here that I thought was bad enough not to read. Scarlet might be too much for some people, but most 13-year-olds can handle it.

Things to mention: Someone dies after being imprisoned and tortured and another is also tortured and killed. They talk briefly talk about another person committing suicide in an asylum. Characters that are part wolf part human attack Earth and kill many with some description of them biting into necks eating like a wolf would. Scarlet and Cinder shoot at them with tranquilizer darts and Scarlet always carries a hidden gun. Wolf and another man fight in an illegal fighting ring, and two of the wolf people battle to the death. Peoples wrists are opened to remove ID chips. Scarlet's father is an Alcoholic and thats why she lives with her grandmother. There are some other minor violence's. The ship that Cinder is in has a picture of a naked lady on the bottom of it. They don't say anything about it except to say that it is there. There are a few kisses with not a lot of detail.

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