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Pride and Prejudice

Updated: Jan 21


Age Range: 12/13 and up

Pride and Prejudice is one of the best-written books in English literature by accomplished author Jane Austen. Taken place in a small town of England in 1812, the story is about a poor girl, Elizabeth Bennet, and her four sisters and their quest to get married. At a party one day, Elizabeth meets the wealthy Mr. Darcy, who is nothing but rude and prideful to Elizabeth and her family. From that day, she decides to never see or talk to Mr. Darcy again, but despite her best wishes, they keep meeting at unexpected places. As the story goes on, new people are introduced, and relationships with people change for both good and bad. Elizabeth comes to many big decision points in her life, but she must look at her pride and prejudices against people before perceiving what she wants in her life.

I absolutely LOVED Pride and Prejudice. Jane Austen is one of my and many other people's favorite authors of all time. Her style is very different from authors today, and it is a little hard to understand her books for the first few chapters, but once you get into it, you really get into it. You will not want to put down Pride and Prejudice. All of the characters had a depth to them that made them seem like they could walk out of the book and be a person with their own ideas and opinions.

The storyline itself is fantastic with twists and turns, but it seemed like it could happen. I loved all of the characters but especially Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth was a strong-headed girl with her own idea about marriage but at times could be prideful. Mr. Darcy was also prideful and rude, but I still loved his character anyway. As the story went on, I just loved him even more, the more he showed his real character and reasons for doing the things that he did.

Everybody needs to read Pride and Prejudice at least once in their lifetime, and if you don't like classics, well, then you obviously never read this book!

Things to mention: One of the side characters runs away with a lover and when the family finds them, makes sure they get married. People drink wine.

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