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Not Your Average Fairytale


Age Range: 13 and up

Ash Summerland has all he could ever ask for. He has top grades in school, he is the most popular guy, and he is on his way to becoming an apprentice to a sandman. Life couldn't get better until he gets the letter saying that he has to apprentice a fairy godmother instead of apprenticing a sandman. In history, fairy godmothers are always girls, and Ash is definitely not a girl. Just wanting to get his apprenticeship done and over with, Ash meets the girl he has to give three wishes to, Kendall. Ash thinks that this will be easy, and as soon as he gets those three wishes, Ash can finally get rid of his wings. But Kendall is nothing like he expects her to be. She doesn't believe in happy endings, she does not want to make her three wishes, and she wants nothing to do with Ash. Once Ash gives Kendall her wishes, they will never see her again, and Ash is not sure he wants that anymore.

I have read Not Your Average Fairy Tale twice now, and both times I've loved it. Whenever I read fairy tales, it's usually based on a different fairytale, for example, Cinderella, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast, but this fairy tale was utterly original. Ash is the popular smart boy at his school on his way to achieving great things, but then he finds out he has to become a fairy godmother. Wanting to get it done, he decides to get three wishes out of Kendall quickly and then be done with her and being a fairy godmother, but after he meets her, it's a different story. I loved how in this book, we were able to see the point of you from Ash and Kendall. I feel like that way, it makes it more accurate, and you can know what the characters are thinking when they do what they do. The writing wasn't outstanding, but the storyline was fascinating and kept me reading until I finished!

I am not a big fan of fantasy fiction, but this one didn't feel so much like fantasy to me. Sure there were fairies and sandmen and elves, but they all felt more like regular people that could just do a few more things than usual. Another reason that I liked this book was that it was clean and appropriate for teens and maybe even middle schoolers. It's so hard to find books that are first appropriate, have a good message, are for the right age group, and are entertaining. Not your average Fairy Tale had all of those things, and in my opinion, that alone makes it a great book! Not Your Average Fairy Tale is a brilliant book that you will want to read!

Things to mention: There are two 'sexy' and four "holy craps" Kendall's mom was making her try on dresses and said she should try on one that complimented her curves. There are a few kisses with little to no detail. There is a little bit of violence.

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