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Five Little Peppers Midway

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 9 and up

Five Little Peppers Midway is the second in the Five Little Peppers Series that's adored and loved by all who read it. Taken place five years after the first book, the Peppers are now living full time at Mr. King's house and, for the most part, are very happy. Polly works hard every day at the piano and tells stories and outs on plays for all. Ben goes off to work, and the two younger boys go to boarding school with Percy and Van. Mrs. Pepper helps around Mr. King's mansion and soon finds love again. Everyone has a great time and fun adventures until Mr. King's cousin comes to live with them. She is disgraced by the Peppers and wants them out of the house immediately. She angers the whole house, especially Polly, and puts people into bad spirits. Polly and the Peppers try to find their place in the mansion, but can they continue to live happily with the mean cousin?

Five years after the Five Little Peppers and How They Grew comes this exciting sequel. It was fun to learn what happened to the Peppers after they came to live with the Kings and how they adjusted from being poor to living in a high-class society. The characters turned out to be pretty much how I thought they would, but I am disappointed in Polly's friends. They are rude and mean to everyone, including each other, except for Polly. I thought that Polly would find better friends because she is so lovely to everyone, but she didn't. Five Little Peppers Midway was a pretty short book, but it was very delightful nonetheless. I recommend this book to all ages and think this is a definite must-read in the Five Little Peppers Series.

Things to mention: There are a robbery and some broken bones.

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