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Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Cress is the well written third book in the Lunar Chronicles based on the fairytale story of Rapunzel. As Cinder continues on her journey to dethrone Queen Levana, she finds help in unexpected places. Cinder has now joined forces with Wolf, Scarlet, and a mysterious girl from Luna. Cress is a lunar shell, a person who is lunar but does not have the lunar gift. She has been isolated and prisoned in a satellite for most of her life. She has nothing to do but hack on the Internet for information to queen Levana, and then one day, Cress is told to find a lunar cyborg, Cinder. Out of the goodness of her heart, Cress decided to help Cinder and her friends instead. As she joins them, she understands what real hardship is. On the run from Queen Levana, Cress must help her new friends save the world for the tyranny of Levana, or the whole world will perish.

I thought Cress was an excellent book. It had action, and it was exhilarating. I liked how the story progressed; it felt very natural, and that nothing was forced. I thought Cress was a lovely girl who was a little socially awkward and extremely smart. On the other hand, I didn't know why Cress had an obsession with Thorn. I thought that he was very arrogant and just assumed that everybody loved him. By the end of the work, he got better, which made me happy, but I feel like she could've done better. There looks like a lot in my things to mention, but I thought it was pretty good and clean when I read the book compared to others. I try to have only pure and good books on my blog, so there's nothing on here that I thought was bad enough not to read. Cress might be too much for some people, but most 13-year-olds can handle it. There is a lot of violence, but I am most used to that than most because I have a lot of brothers.

Things to mention: One of the central characters dies from the plague. People are shot at almost die from blood loss, and someone else loses a finger. Thorne gets a bruised face in a fight. Some main characters almost die in the desert and nearly die from thirst. Characters are kidnapped and sold for blood experiments. There is a lot of guns and shooting. The book mentions that some people who are talking against Queen Levana are murdered. Lunar shells are taken away at birth and there blood is experimented on. There is war on Earth and many are killed. Queen LA couple of quick intense kisses and talk of wanting to be kissed.

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May 06

Thank you so much for reviewing The Lunar Chronicles series, otherwise I wouldn't have ever read it!!! It is my all-time favorite book series! Anyways... I read Cress for the first time about three months ago, and it literally blew my mind. It checked everything off my list for a great book. Good characters (not cheesy), action, romance and it was decent length. The plot was also unique and very creative, and I can tell that Marissa Meyer put a lot of time into it, which I really appreciate. I love that Cress and Thorne were exactly like Rapunzel and Flynn which is adorable, and Thorne can literally be Han Solo's long-lost brother. I was definitely skeptical at first, sin…



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