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Court of Swans

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

Court of Swans is the first book in a new fairytale romance series by bestselling author Melanie Dickerson. Delia and her seven brothers live everyday lives as Lords and Lady in 14 century England with their father and evil stepmother. Then a month after their father's unexpected death, the brothers are all taken prisoner from the king of England for tyranny. Delia knows that they did nothing wrong, and their stepmother must have been a part of the ploy to take her brother's prisoners, so she goes off to the castle to save them. Once in the court disguised as a poor servant, Delia runs into Sir Henry, the guard captain who took her brothers. She despises him for what he did, but Delia has no choice but to trust him and accept his help when he offers to help her brothers. Together, Delia, her brothers, and Sir Henry go on a journey to save their lives and trust in God's plan for them all.

When I found out Melanie Dickerson wrote a new book and read the book's description, I got excited, but sadly, after reading it, I was disappointed. Court of Swans had so much potential because of the exciting storyline and time period, but the overall book was not very good. None of the characters felt fully developed, and the romance in the book felt forced and like the author was putting them together because that is just what happens with these types of books. I want to say that I loved Court of Swans, but I didn't. I loved Melanie Dickerson's first few books that she came out with the Hagenheim series, but I feel like she's running out of new ideas for novels. Her last few books all felt like a book she's already written, and all the characters were pretty much the same people. I was reading some other reviews for this book, and other people seemed to like Court of Swans, so maybe you will too.

Things to mention: There is some violence including: cutting an arm, people being killed, and other minor things. Delia is almost taken advantage by a man but she gets away before anything could happen. Some minor kisses.

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