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Catch A Falling Star

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

In this charming novel about finding true love and yourself, Carter Moon has her life set up precisely the way she wants it. She lives in a small town called Little, CA, and she works in a small coffee/sandwich shop until Hollywood moves in. Former movie child star Adam Jakes comes to make a cute family Christmas movie after wrecking his reputation. Carter feels like she's the only one in her town who is not starry-eyed for Adam, which makes her the perfect secret fake girlfriend for him. In exchange for being his phony girlfriend, Carter will receive a lot of money to help her family. As she gets closer to Adam, she realizes he's not the person that she thought at first, and there starts to become a blurry line between what's fake and what's real. Carter must open up her eyes to what the future holds for her.

I thought that Catch A Falling Star was a charming, clean story about a Hollywood star and a small-town girl. I felt that this was an excellent book, but I feel like the ending was too rushed, and everything happened so quickly. Also, I was confused about Adam's feelings for Carter for most of the book. He was so arrogant and didn't seem to like Carter at all, but then he was sad when she wanted to stop being his pretend girlfriend. Besides that, I thought this was a really good book that you guys should all read.

Things to mention: Carters brother is a gambling-addict who owes people a lot of money and he smokes. Adam damaged his reputation by the media saying he used drugs and then crashed a car.

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