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By Your Side

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13 and up

By Your Side is an entertaining book about a girl who gets stuck in the library over the weekend. Autumn Collins doesn't think things could get any worse, and then Dax Miller appears. Autumn knows that Dax is trouble. He has been in fights, gone to juvie, and he's a loner at school. Autumn calms herself with the fact that her soon-to-be boyfriend will realize that she is stuck in the library and will come back to get her. But the problem is he doesn't come to get her. Autumn thinks that this will be the worst weekend of her life, but then she starts to talk to Dax and realizes that they have a lot in common and begin to connect. Autumn is beginning to really like him, but she doesn't know what will happen when someone finally finds them in the library, and they go back to reality.

I never really liked the good girl bad boy type of books so this wasn't one of my favorite books but I still like this book. Out of all the good girl bad boy type of books that I have read, By Your Side would definitely be the best one. If you are into those types of books you will love this.

Things to mention: There are some kissing details.

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