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The Merchant's Daughter

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

The Merchant's Daughter is a delightful book based on the well-known fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast. Annabelle was once a wealthy Merchant's daughter, but now she and her family are poor and have been doing nothing to help their town. Now that there is a new Lord of the town, her family must either get punishment or give service. Since Annabelle's family is lazy and mean, Annabelle is forced to give herself over to the new Lord and be a servant to him to save her family. She wouldn't mind that much to be a servant and away from her family if Lord Ranulf wasn't a loud, mean, and revolting man. As time goes on in her new home, she is placed in a situation that could put herself, her friend, and the Lord in danger.

Growing up, Beauty and the Beast was my favorite fairy tale by far, so I was delighted when Melanie Dickerson came out with The Merchant's Daughter. Doing a story retelling is hard, but I think Mrs. Dickinson did an excellent job on this book. The only characters that I did not like were Annabelle's family. They will also mean to her and ready to give her up so they could have a better life. Overall I thought this was a fantastic story.

Things to mention: There is some violence and kissing details.

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