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100 Days of Sunlight

Updated: Jun 5


Age Range: 13 and up

Reading Level: High School

After 16-year-old Tessa gets into a car crash and loses her vision, she doesn't know how to move on or live. The doctors said her sight would return in 100 days, but what if it never does? Tessa's grandparents, wanting to help her blog about poetry like she used to before the accident, hire a boy to write down Tessa's poetry for her. Tessa can't see how nice of a person Weston is, but she also can't see that he has nothing below the knee.

Weston has lived his life trying to be as optimistic as possible, believing that there was nothing he could not do, but after being with Tessa, he realizes that there is one thing he can never do—be with Tessa after her sight returns. Can Tessa and Weston help each other to overcome their fears?

Only a few books make me want to change and be a better person after I read them, and 100 Days of Sunlight is one of them. The novel is told through three perspectives: Tessa's, Weston's, and then Weston's three years before when he had his accident. I did not realize it the first time I read it, but the book's main theme is to be positive and not act like a victim. After Weston was in a skateboarding accident, he lost his legs below the knee, and he saw two options in front of him: give into despair and be miserable or take the high road and work hard to achieve anything. I loved his positive attitude and determination not to give up, even when everyone around him told him he couldn't do it.

Tessa is downright miserable after losing sight, so when Weston shows up to help her with her blog, he is her saving grace, but she doesn't realize it at first. He helps her see that there is more to life than sight. Tessa was pretty annoying for the book's first half, but she was alright after that. Throughout the story, Weston fears that Tessa would not like him if she knew about his legs which is understandable, but the author may have taken it too far.

100 Days of Sunlight is less clean than some of the other books I reviewed, but I really liked the positive message throughout, so I added it. You can decide if you would like to read it or not. The writing is pretty good and engaging and not corny or cheesy. Overall I liked 100 Days of Sunlight, its message, and the sweet romance in it.

Things to Mention: Has some bad words including: hell, sh**, pansya**, pissed off, fricking, and a mention that someone said f-bomb but not the actual word. A few mentions of God's name in vain. Two kisses with little to no detail. When in a bookstore, a man grabs onto blind Tessa but Weston saves her before anything can happen. There is some fun fighting between Weston and his best friend. Tessa was born out of wedlock and says that her father "didn’t believe in condoms".

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