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Right Where I Belong

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

Right Where I Belong is a Christian book about finding God's path for you. Natalia decided she had enough with "true love" when her father divorced his third wife. Having the most significant connection with her most recent stepmother, Natalia went with her to America for a new start and got away from her non-Christian school and father, who only ever tells Natalia what to do when she grows up. When she got there, not only was Natalia learning a new culture, but she was also starting to believe in genuine love again after meeting her stepfamily and Brian, the pastor's son. Natalia was amazed by how much he loved and put faith in God, and with his help, Natalia hoped that she could have better faith in where God wants her to belong.

I thought that Right Where I Belong was an interesting story with a good plot line, but I almost didn't make a post about it. I loved how all the characters love God and Jesus and try to put all of their faith in Him, but this book was Christian and not Catholic. At times Right Where I Belong was kind of cheesy, you can tell what will happen before it happens, but I still liked this book. If you read this book, I hope you like it too!

Things to mention: Natalias dad marries and divorces many times which is not right.

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There is a series that sort of reminds me about this book. There are only two books in the series, but it's basically about a Catholic middle school girl named Olivia who's trying to find her place; she's trying to discover whether she belongs with her two new "friends," or with God and the saints. Olivia moves from Texas, and she's trying to fit in at her new school. There are two mean girls who she befriends and she really wants to impress. Olivia is trying so hard to make friends, and her best friend quickly becomes Saint Therese. Olivia goes through many trials and has a lot of stuff happen to her, but she's always repentant and her conscience…


Definitely! I'd recommend it to ANYONE...It's such a sweet, pure, "squeaky" clean book with absolutely NOTHING objectionable in it...It's just an awesome read!! Anyone who's looking for a great, Christian book that'll keep your fingers flying over the pages to turn them...Well, that book is for you, I guess! I recently read the first book after reading it when I was quite younger, and it hasn't AT ALL lost it's charm!!

Note: Just thought I'd add, the author is Nancy Carabio Belanger



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