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Love, Life, and the List

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 14 and up

Seventeen-year-old Abby Turner has her whole summer planned out. She will hang out with her three best friends, enter an art show, and help her mom with her anxiety issues. But then she is rejected from the art show because her art has no heart and two of her best friends leave for the whole summer and she's left alone with only one, Cooper. The friend situation would be okay if Abby weren't in love with him, especially since she knows he doesn't love her back. To improve her art, she decides to give herself a list of 10 things to give her paintings heart. Some of the things that Abby has to do are facing a fear, learning a stranger's story, and fall in love. She believes that when she finishes this list, all her problems will work out, and Abby will be the artist that she always dreamed of being. As her deadline comes closer, she realizes that changing herself isn't as easy as she thought it would be.


Love, Life, and the List is by far one of my favorite Kasie West books and books of all time. I love books about best friends falling in love but especially this one because the whole book was not just about love. A lot of it was about Abby learning to change and accepting that it's good. I also loved Abby's character; she was so funny and sarcastic that I ended up laughing out loud and getting weird looks for my family! The story was so enjoyable and gets better every time I read it (this is like my fifth time).

For most of the book, I felt terrible for Abby because it didn't seem like Cooper would ever like her more than a friend, and I thought they were better friends anyway. And I am also kind of mad at him for knowing Abby loved him but laughing it off and ignoring it, and then he would always have a new girl with him that and he would flirt with them right in front of Abby!

I was happy for Abby near the end of the book, but I don't want to spoiler anything more. But then everything's finally turned around in like the last two pages of the book, and I was like WHAT! I was not prepared for what was going to happen at the end, even though I kind of knew, but I don't think Kasie West did an excellent job with putting Cooper's emotions out there. He was so uninterested with Abby the entire book that I accepted that he would never like her as more than a friend. Besides my slight issue with the romance part of the book, I truly loved Love, Life, and the List. It is a tremendous clean summer romance I think you should all read!


So I said before that I loved the boy next door and my older brother's best friend kind of books, but I LOVE best friends falling for each other. It is just soooo cute!!! Love, Life, and the List is one of my favorite Kaise Wests books. Abby was such a fun character, and her personality is just extraordinary! I liked Cooper too, but I was kind of confused about his feelings towards Abby for the entire story. It seemed that he liked her as a friend, so I wish he made his feelings made known more. I don't want to spoiler anything but, I think his reason for not loving Abby for most of the book is just dumb and doesn't make sense. Besides that, I hope you all read this fantastic book!

Things to mention: They say the word "sexy" and "crap" a few times. There are some kisses with no details except for one that has a bit more than what I would want in a book.

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