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Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 11 and up

An American classic written in 1904, is about a young man who has one hand and no name. Freckles, everyone calls him that because he has a lot of freckles on his face, is an Irish immigrant brought up in an orphanage in Chicago, and then runs away in hopes of finding work. No one wants to give him work because he only has one hand, and he's not very strong, but a kind person at the Limberlost gives him a job to be a timber guard. At the Limberlost, he works hard, never complains, and is kind to all. While he is there, he falls in love with the Swamp Angel, a girl who visits him at the swamp and doesn't care that he has no hand and is inadequate. Her beauty and kindness bring out the best in everyone that she meets. Freckles is a great classic for all.

Freckles is a great American children's classic book, but I think it could be for all ages. Gene Stratton Porter did a fantastic job writing this book, and I was interested the whole time, unlike some classics that are just really boring. Some people might be a little put off by this book because it is a classic, but I feel that classics are just as exciting or even more than the books written today. I thought that all of the main characters were kind, and there was something about them that you don't see in the books that are written today. Freckles is one of my favorite classics, so everybody, please read!

Things to mention: Some violence including: a fire, and a brawl.

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Limberlost Series:


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