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Better Off Friends

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 13/14 and up

Better Off Friends is an exciting story about two best friends over the course of four years. Levi and Macallan first met in seventh grade when Levi moved from California, and with their first meeting, they thought that they would never talk to each other again, but they did. Surprising them both, they became fast friends and soon best friends. They did everything together, and their families were even starting to spend holidays together. Everything was great, except people kept thinking they were a couple. Macallan wouldn't get asked out because everyone thought she was with Levi, and Levi spent more time with Macallan than his girlfriend. They can't keep a date when the other is around and when they are not with the other person, they can't help but think about each other. Levi and Macallan don't know if they are more than friends or if friends are all they could ever be.

I would first like to say that yes, Better Off Friends is another book about best friends and love, and this type of story has been told so many times, but I liked it. I did think that there was a lot of unnecessary drama throughout the book that could have been avoided, but the story line was pretty good. There was a bunch of funny banter between Levi and Macallan, which made the book enjoyable. I want to say that I think the author was confused about how a 13-year-old would act. At the beginning of the book, when Levi and Macallan were in seventh and eighth grade, I thought that how some of them acted was more likely the age of a ninth or tenth grader. There were a few things that I wish weren't in the book, and I will say below, but besides that, I liked Better Off Friends. Let me know how you liked this book!

Things to mention: Macallan punches someone at school and gets suspended. One use of "b****" and a few uses of "retard" and the Lords name in vain. Macallan sees a kiss and describes it as "sucking face" and she finds one of her friends kissing a boy on her bed. Macallan goes to Ireland and there are people who drink who are around her age. There are some kisses with little to no details.

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