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An Uncertain Choice

Updated: Jun 17


Age Range: 12 and up

Lady Rosemary thinks she has her life all laid out for her, but just as she's ready to begin her new life, an old friend comes and changes everything. When Rosemary was born, she was promised to God to become a nun by her 18th birthday, but a month before her birthday, Rosemarys Godfather finds an exception. If she gets married before the age of 18 to her true love, she will not have to become a nun. Excited to see if it is God's will for her to get married, Rosemary starts courting three of the most handsome and brave knights in all of the lands, but many problems arise. Someone is trying to kill her three knights, and the one that Rosemary wants doesn't seem to like her. With the help of God, Rosemary will find her path, either as a nun or a married woman.

I love reading historical Christian fiction books, so I enjoyed an uncertain choice. I thought that the story was original, which I can appreciate about a book, but this book was also really cheesy. I liked all the characters and the plotline. Pretty much every part of this book, I was surprised by what was going to happen. I loved this book, and I hope you guys too!

Things to mention: There are some deaths with little details and some people are torched. There are a few small kisses.

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